Photo:  Joanne Welihan

Photo:  Joanne Welihan

I'm Dan Welihan, a photographer and photography instructor. 

Photography has been my serious avocation for over forty-five years.  I started with 35mm slides, had a black & white darkroom in my basement and over the years, shot countless hours family video. 

Like a lot of people, I discovered digital photography about fifteen years ago.  I found the camera I wanted (make that "could afford") at the local Circuit City store.  A five megapixel Sony DSC-F717 in the "Open Box" section.  It took me six weeks of almost weekly trips back to the store for a look at that camera before I made the purchase.  (Fortunately nobody else wanted it.). And, except to unloaded my camera bag, I haven't touched a roll or film since. 

I really enjoy making photographs, but I'd say I enjoy teaching photography as much as I enjoy making photos.

Since 2010 I've taught a series of photography classes and workshops in and around Cheboygan and northern Michigan.  I'm available for photography presentations on how to make great photos.  These presentations run one, two or three hours.  My ten-hour basic photography class is also available.  The classes are generally presented over two four-hour or four two-hour sessions, plus a two-hour photo shoot to practice new skills.  Please contact me for program details and fees. 

On my own time, I do like to shoot nature, landscapes, our family gatherings and fishing trips with my friends.

Most of all, I am happily married to my wife Joanne; and are we are both very glad we live in Cheboygan, Michigan.