"Photography is savoring life at 1/100th of a second." - Marc Riboud

Northern Michigan is a great place to photograph people, events, sunrises, sunsets, boats, bridges, birds... you name it. The list is as big as your imagination. My Close to Home series is a collection of photos I shot in northern Michigan and the greater Cheboygan area.

There are images as big as the Mackinaw Bridge and as small as a squirrel eating a french fry in the snow in our front yard. These are not images to stand the test of time; they are images I liked at the time. And that's what I believe photography should be: the process of making and taking images you are pleased with and excited to show others.

Images will rotate in and out of the gallery for no rhyme or reason other than what I like. The squirrel will probably rotate out of the gallery as soon I get a better shot of the coyote that we've also seen in our yard. (Or if the coyote get the jump on the squirrel, I might leave the squirrel photo in a little longer... in memoriam.)

Either way, photos will change from time to time. Check back and see what's new, what's gone and what I find of interest Close to Home.